Raspberry Ketone: Miracle or Scam?

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7 Apr 2012

Recently Dr. Oz revealed an astounding new fat burner called raspberry ketone. He claimed that this revolutionary new dietary supplement supposedly could burn fat and allow the user to shed unwanted body fat without any added diet or exercise. Many skeptics are saying that this is indeed too good to be true but the results don’t lie and millions of people are already experiencing the amazing benefits of this supplement that has been referred to as “the most revolutionary miracle fat burner of our age” by the good doctor. But is it true? Can raspberry ketone really help you lose weight without doing anything?

The results say absolutely yes!

Researchers found that adiponectin levels in the human body are related inversely to the level of body fat you possess. This means the higher your bodyfat percentage is, the lower your adiponectin levels are and the lower the bodyfat percentage you possess, the higher the levels your adiponectin will be. Raspberry ketone naturally raises the levels of adiponectin in your body allowing you will to lose weight effortlessly without exercise or radical diet changes. However it is important to make sure that you get a high quality formula, free from additives and fillers. Check out our top 3 best raspberry ketone products to find out what brand is rated as the most effective formula.

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